Kevin Hart Message to Short Guys

Height dysphoria is no joke, especially today in the world of social media.

Kevin Hart Height
Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Celebrity comedian “Kevin Hart”, overcame this life shortcoming, and his advice will tremendously help short guys.

Own it with Jokes (Self Deprecation)

As a comedian, Kevin Hart has had to be quick witted in replies to trolls and saboteurs.

On a show with Orpah, this is the conversation that transpired.

Oprah: “How did you get so comfortable, with your height?”.

Kevin Hart: “Awww…, I’ve always been comfortable, mehn”.

Oprah: “Really, cause generally, you know, people who are not 6ft tall, particu…., not people men, have a complex about it. Instead you, turned it into?”

Kevin Hart: “I’m beyond, I’m not cocky, I’m so confident. I’m confident in who I am, I’m confident in the person, that I am, I think I am sexy. I tell my lady all the time. Babe I’m sexy. I’ve just got two ugly toes, that’s it, that’s the only thing, I just love me”.

Oprah: “You are sexy with your socks on”.

Kevin Hart: “Yeah, Yeah. I don’t take my socks off, but I wear good socks. That’s the plus. I just don’t believe, I don’t believe in change. I don’t believe in doing things to manufacturing my body to, appeal to what I think, people might like. This is it, this is what I was given. This is my playing cards. If we are playing poker, I’ve got to make this hand work. This is it for me. This is what I am going to ride out. So how do you not embrace it. You get one life.”.

Oprah: “Yeah”.

Kevin Hart: “You get one life. I am going to embrace mine”.

Oprah: “So when you were younger, did people make fun of you because of your height?”.

Kevin Hart: “I did it before they did”.

Oprah: “You did it before they did?”.

Kevin Hart: “Self deprecation. I still, till this day, I am big on self deprecation. Anything that the person think they can say, I disarm you of it, by saying it myself”.

Oprah: “By taking the power away?”.

Kevin Hart: “I did it in all my standups, so you can’t address it anymore. In movies, what you might think to say, I’ll say it in a line, so it is addressed, and then from that point on, you forget about it, its done. I am not the little man, you are “.

Kevin Hart: “Take me serious, and take me and my role seriously. Take my talent seriously. If you give people the opportunity to look at you with a squinted eye, and I don’t know, then they will”.

Kevin Hart Admits to Lie About Height

Kevin Hart has always been vocal about his height, and has admitted to lying about his height, a couple of times.

Initially he used to claim been 5 ft 4 in (163 cm), but his true height is 5 ft 2 in (158 cm).

But recently he has change his perspective, completely, since he is a role model to future generation.


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