Goldin Finance 117 Height
By N509FZ - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Goldin Finance 117 Height – How Tall?

Goldin Finance 117 height is 596.6 m (1957.35 in).

Meters: 596.6 m
Feet: 1957.35 ft
Inches: 23488.19 in
Miles: 0.371 mi
Kilometers: 0.5966 km

About Goldin Finance 117

Goldin Finance 117 is a skyscraper in China, under construction. It was topped out in 2015 with a height of 596.6 m (1,957 ft). As such, it surpassed the Guangzhou CTF Finance Center to become the second tallest building in China.

Construction of the building is 2020. The building has 117 floors and a total floor area of 370,000 m2 (4,000,000 sq ft).